Caring for your Jewellery


• Water. It’s recommendable not to bath, shower or swim wearing them so they don’t lose their colour. Additionally, both swimming pool chlorine and sea salt can cause serious damage to jewellery.

• Soap and other chemicals. These can be abrasive as well as have a decolourising effect on gold.

• Sleeping or doing sport with them. Sweat contains sodium chloride, which can also produce unwanted darkening.

• Creams, oils, makeup, perfumes … we know how lazy we can be, but it’s necessary your jewellery avoids contact with these types of products in order to keep them intact! 



Take special care of your jewellery in summer.

Clean your jewellery regularly, even if they don’t look dark. Dirt, bacteria or grease that accumulates in our jewellery deteriorate the quality, so we recommend you clean them regularly.  If you notice some darkening, clean the item as soon as possible: the longer you leave it, the harder it will be to get it back to its optimum condition. Be aware: often our jewellery lies forgotten in our drawers for some time and when we pick up an item, we think the colour has faded, but very often it’s just dirty and needs cleaning.

To clean your jewelry use a cotton cloth and rub the item gently. Do not use jewellery cleaners or chemical solutions to polish it as these will eventually remove the gold layer. Use a soft cotton cloth and, only if necessary, warm water. If it’s very dirty, you can use a neutral soap, but ideally, you want to avoid using water.



Either keep your jewellery in individual cloth bags, wrap them in a cloth or store them in their original boxes as metals are best preserved in the dark. It is advisable to keep items apart.  Be especially careful with the pieces bathed in gold as gold tends to darken easily.

It’s very important to keep your jewellery in a dry place where there is no moisture.








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